Set up and monitor testing

Adding new diseases to the testing offer requires planning and logistics - whom, when and how to tests, communicate results and secure linkage to care as well as financial aspects - must be addressed. It is key to engage in collaborations with specialist clinics to secure smooth referral for confirmation testing and/or treatment initiation. Once the testing for additional diseases is up and running regular feedback to staff on any new positives found can keep the momentum and sustain engagement. Here are some ideas and resources to get this in place:

  • Select some numeric indicators, which you can monitor over time [ indicators WP6]
  • Secure thorough data collection to show progress and achievements and to generate regular reports that show number of tests conducted and any positives found [data collection forms]
  • Reporting the testing activities in community and low threshold setting to national surveillance systems is a way to visualize the achievements [WP6 tools and cases studies]