HCV Target Populations

Updated: February, 2018

Hepatitis B in Moroccan-Dutch: a qualitative study into determinants of screening participation 
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Language support for linguistic minority chronic hepatitis B/C patients: an exploratory study of availability and clinicians' perceptions of language barriers in six European countries 
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Development and validation of the HCV-MOSAIC risk score to assist testing for acute hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in HIV-infected men who have sex with men (MSM) 
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Hepatitis C Cascade of Care Among Pregnant Women on Opioid Agonist Pharmacotherapy Attending a Comprehensive Prenatal Program 
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Community-based screening of hepatitis C with a one-step RNA detection algorithm from dried-blood spots: Analysis of key populations in Barcelona, Spain 
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High-impact hepatitis C virus testing for injection drug users in an urban ED 
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Achieving WHO recommendations for Hepatitis C Virus Elimination in Belgium 
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Risk of HIV and Hepatitis B and C Over Time Among Men Who Inject Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs in England and Wales: Results From Cross-Sectional Prevalence Surveys, 1992-2013 
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Clinical impact of five large-scale screening projects for chronic hepatitis B in Chinese migrants in the Netherlands 
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Addressing the challenges of chronic viral infections and addiction in prisons: the PRODEPIST study 
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Is increased hepatitis C virus case-finding combined with current or 8-week to 12-week direct-acting antiviral therapy cost-effective in UK prisons? A prevention benefit analysis 
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HCV epidemiology in high-risk groups and the risk of reinfection 
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Retrospective hepatitis C seroprevalence screening in the antenatal setting-should we be screening antenatal women? 
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Diagnosis of hepatitis C virus infection in pregnant women in the healthcare system in Poland: Is it worth the effort? 
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Assessing the impact of a nurse-delivered home dried blood spot service on uptake of testing for household contacts of hepatitis B-infected pregnant women across two London trusts 
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Burden of substance use disorders, mental illness, and correlates of infectious diseases among soon-to-be released prisoners in Azerbaijan 
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A cost-consequence analysis of hepatitis B screening in an immigrant population 
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Hepatitis B infection prevalence by country of birth in migrant populations in a large UK city 
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Using qualitative data, people's perceptions, and the science of decision making to inform policy and improve hepatitis C care for people who use drugs 
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Risk Factors Associated with HCV Among Opioid-Dependent Patients in a Multisite Study 
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Per-event probability of hepatitis C infection during sharing of injecting equipment 
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[Hepatitis B and migrants: should we do better?] 
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Improved hepatitis C screening and treatment in people who inject drugs should be a priority in Europe 
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Universal antenatal screening for hepatitis C 
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[Important with generous sampling for hepatitis C after blood transfusion. The National Board of Health and Welfare's new recommendation for risk groups] 
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