PO5/01 Targeted Outreach during European HIV Testing Week in London, UK: Did it Work?

PO5/02 Successes in Conducting Rapid Testing, Early Detection of HIV and Provision Treatment for HIV/AIDS among Men who Have Sex with Men (MSM) in Kiev, Ukraine

PO5/03 The COBATEST Network: A Platform to Perform Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV Community-based Testing Practices in Europe as Well as Operational Research

PO5/04 The European HIV Testing Week in Italy: An Opportunity for Diagnosis and Prevention

PO5/05 Preferred HIV Testing Settings and Characteristics among Attendees to Madrid Gay Pride, 2011-2012

PO5/06 Pilot Study for the Implementation of Rapid HCV and HIV Tests in Harm Reduction Programmes for Intravenous Drug Users in Catalonia

PO5/07 The Impact of Rapid HIV Testing for Couples

PO5/08 Translation of a Successful HIV Testing Research Programme in to Policy. Key Lessons in the Implementation Science Process

PO5/09 Assessment of HBV Vaccine-induced Immunity in HIV-positive Orphans of Yekaterinburg

PO5/10 Early HIV Detection through Tapid Testing

PO5/11 When Effective Post-exposure Prophylaxis of HIV Infection Fails - Data from Clinical Practice

PO5/12 Portuguese community based screening network

PO5/13 European HIV Testing Week

PS6/01 Home delivered Dried blood spot testing vs conventional follow up - Assessing the impact on screening uptake for Household contacts of Hepatitis B infected pregnant women across two London trusts

PS6/02 Pilot HCV Rapid Testing Project among Men who Have Sex with Men (MSM), CheckList Project, Lisbon, Portugal

PS6/03 Feasibility of Joint HIV, HBV and HCV Testing Offered Routinely by General Practitioners during One Week in Two French Counties in 2012

PS6/04 Screening for Viral Hepatitis among Immigrants in Barcelona: Comparison of Two Recruitment Strategies. A Pilot Study of the HEPscreen Project

PS6/05 Health Service-based HIV Testing and Counselling: A Review of European Guidelines