PO4/01 Socio-demographic inequalities in HIV testing patterns among MSM in Spain
C. Folch, A. Díaz, M.C. Vázquez, S. Meyer, J. Casabona

PO4/02 Towards a hepatitis C-free hospital: results after one year of hepatitis C virus screening in a tertiary hospital emergency department in a high-income country
J. Llaneras Artigues, A. BarreiraDíaz, A. Rando Segura, J. Bañares Sanchez, B. Meza Ramos, L. Ruíz Ortega, J.R. Marques Soares, A. Monforte Pallares, O. Orozco Gálvez, M. Riveiro-Barciela, F. Velasquez Orozco, F. RodríguezFrías, M. Arranz Betegon, R. Esteban Mur, M. Buti Ferret

PO4/03 Implementation of HIV rapid testing model in government medical facilities in Leningrad Region, Russia in 2020
S. Semikova, P. Supronenko, V. Stanilevskiy, M. Petrova, O. Prokof’eva , V. Surkova, A. Merzlyakova, Y. Godunova, A. Kovelenov, A. Chuykov, N. Mironova, A. Zakowicz

PO4/04 Quality of life in people living with HIV in Romania and Spain
J. Lazarus, M. Kall, U. Fresán, D. Guy, G. Brown, C. Burgui, J. Castilla, V. Ionel Grecu, F. Dumitrescu, V. Delpech

PO4/05 HCV screening of immigrants at arrival: an opportunity to linkage to care of a population with limited access to Health Care system
M. Riveiro-Barciela, B. Treviño, N. Serre, A. Rando, F. Salvador, A. Barreira-Díaz, A. Palom, E. Vargas, D. Pou, L. Roade, I. Molina, F. Rodríguez-Frías, M. Buti

PO4/06 Expanding integrated HCV/HIV testing to alcohol dependent clients attending treatment centres for drug and alcohol dependency in Lithuania
L. Stoniene, E Subata, A Sirvinskiene, A Grice, M.L. Jakobsen, S. Finne Jakobsen, D. Raben, C. Rae, A. Sullivan

PO4/07 Distributing a questionnaire for women attending a Sexual Health Clinic increases PrEP uptake
S. Strachan, S. Jaffer, V. Apea, D. Campbell, J. Domino, L. Davies, J. Dugdale, K. Nambier, D. Onyago, J. Ott, M. Ross, J. Stevenson, N. Turner, G. Singh, A. Sullivan

PO4/08 HIV and viral hepatitis transmission knowledge among female health care providers and females in the general population in Constanta Region, Romania
A.-M. Schweitzer, M. Bogdan, F.S. Stoian, I. Ciocea