PO4/01 HIV self-sampling and self-testing in Europe: a systematic review         PO4/01 References

PO4/02 HepCare Europe – HCV screening and linkage to care in key populations from the Romanian clinical site

PO4/03 Adherence to Antiretroviral Treatment among the People Living with HIV in Armenia

PO4/04 Case Management Program for HIV among MSM in Kyiv, Ukraine and linkage to care, at the context the implementation of UNAIDS 90-90-90 Strategy

PO4/05 Micro-elimination as a strategy for improved access to testing and linkage to care for viral hepatitis C amongst high-risk groups in Europe

PO4/06 „Be my buddy“ How peer educators can support linkage to care and fight stigma

PO4/07 1 milliion rapid HIV tets: results of innovative AHF testing and linkage to care programs accross Europe

PO4/08 Community-based HIV rapid testing services and linkage to care at multi-country testing initiatives during European Testing Weeks 2014-2017

PO4/09 To achieve the 90 90 90 treatment targets in Turkey, HIV testing needs to be scaled up

Oral Presentations - Posters
PS4/01 Hepcheck- Enhancing HCV identification and linkage to care for vulnerable populations through intensified outreach screening

PS4/02 HepLink: Findings from a Multi-centre Observational Study in Primary and Community Care

PS4/03 Processes of data collection on HIV, viral hepatitis and STI testing and linkage to care at national level in European countries: a review for the Integrate Joint Action

PS4/04 Community-based HIV testing in Europe: a systematic review

PS4/05 Can We Report the Status of a Cascade of Care for Viral Hepatitis B and C in Romania? The Experience of Baylor Foundation’s Hepatitis Screening and Care Program in Dobrogea Region between 2010 - 2018