PO1/01 Impact of Adam´s Love Online-to-Offline (O2O) model in monitoring and evaluation of HIV prevention cascade among men who have sex with men (MSM) (BEST POSTER AWARD)

PO1/02 Screening for hepatitis B virus and accelerated vaccination schedule in prison: A pilot multicenter study

PO1/03 Missed opportunities for HIV testing of patients diagnosed with an indicator conndition in primary care in Catalonia, Spain

PO1/04 New diagnoses of HIV in Catalonia and socieconomic inequalities: Spatial-temporal representation with ring maps

PO1/05 Hepcare Europe Manifesto

PO1/06 HIV prevalence and associated risk factors among Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) in Greece: A community-based approach

PO1/07 Second generation HIV surveillance in people asking for HIV testing for preventive reason in Slovakia

PO1/08 Hepatitis C prevalence in Bulgaria – A stand-alone prevalence survey in the general population

PO1/09 An International Collaboration on Hepatitis C Elimination in HIV –Coinfection (InCHEHC) – a cohort profile

PO1/10 Gilead Sciences’ Commitment to Global Elimination of Hepatitis C Virus

PO1/11 A threshold analysis for the cost-effectiveness of hepatitis B and hepatitis C testing in emergency departments in the UK

PO1/12  Results of HIV, HCV and HBV rapid testing among key populations in Lviv region, Ukraine

PO1/13 Pilot HIV/HCV rapid testing project for policemen in Lviv region of Ukraine

Oral Presentations - Posters
PS1/01 High contribution, low public funding: Southern European Checkpoints’ role in HIV detection in 4 countries

PS1/02 HIV dynamics in the most affected area of Europe: a tale of two countries

PS1/03 “Routine testing” as primary reason for getting tested for HIV in MSM: results from the first participants enrolled in the COBA-Cohorts project

PS1/04 National multi-stakeholder produced standards for HIV partner notification improve outcomes

PS1/05 Independent of injecting drug use, being a foreign national is associated with risk of reactive HCV screening in European community-based testing services in 2017