PO6/01 Approaches and results from the evaluation of VCT in the Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan

PO6/02 The role voluntary counselling and testing in early diagnosis of HIV infection

PO6/03 Evolution in the number of tests performed and in the profile of people tested in VCT network of Catalonia, 1995-2010

PO6/04 HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC) in EECA: entry point for curbing the HIV epidemic

PO6/05 A non-healthcare HIV test clinic improving testing and linkage to care

PO6/06 Towards full coverage of HIV Counseling and Testing services in Rwanda, 2003 - June 2010

PO6/07 Possibility for improvement for counseling and testing for early diagnoses of HIV infection in Armenia

PO6/08 Mental health care component in VCT services

PO6/09 Community Expanded Access to Test (CEAtT): HIV testing project in Newham