Report from Tuesday’s plenary and parallel sessions, Ton Coenen & Jens Lundgren
Presentation - slides         

The impact and the outcome of the EP Resolution of 20 November 2008 - "HIV/AIDS: early diagnosis and early care" – Italy as a case, Matteo Schwarz

HIV testing and counseling services in Ukraine: what else should be done?, Ihor Perehinets

Presentation - slides   

Panel discussion: (Brian Gazzard, Elena Grigoyeva, Nikos Dedes, Jean-Elie Malkin. Moderators: Jürgen Rockstroh, Martin Donoghoe)
• Moving East: What are the challenges?
• Political considerations: the way forward
• From guidance to implementation

HIV in Europe – the way forward – “Call to action”,  Jens Lundgren and Ton Coenen